Japan’s first medical silicone mask* equipped with high frequency EMS.
*In terms of a use of 6 electrodes for a facial mask as on March 28, 2017. The survey is conducted by YA-MAN.


Just wear the mask for 10 minutes and treat your mimic muscles with 2 different EMS modes


Our proud product specifications

  • All faces are asymmetry and their sizes vary widely.
  • You can select from 6 levels individually for each right and left side of your face. An elastic medical silicone which are used in medical care would fit to anyone’s face shape.


Training EMS Mode

  • Zygomaticus major (cheek muscles) should be exercised.
  • It is hard to train Zygomaticus major in daily lives.
  • Exercise your muscles with dynamic movements with low frequency EMS of 2.5~17Hz.


Release EMS Mode

  • Mamasseter muscle (jaw muscles) should be relaxed.
  • Mamasseter muscles tend to be overused, which may cause a square-jaw.
  • Relax your mamasseter muscle with low frequency EMS of 20~100Hz.


YA-MAN EMS Mask for Shaping Your Faceline (EP-14BB-HK)

HK$2,380.00 Regular Price
HK$1,500.00Sale Price
    • EMS at a most effective position for lifting
    • Two types of EMS. One for releasing muscle tension, and other for firming muscles.
    • Physical lifting by pulling up a soft silicon mask with a band and keeping your skin in a pulled up position
    • Elastic medical silicone would fit to anyone’s face shape
    • 6 EMS levels: individually for each right and left faces
    • 100% hands free
    • USB for Charging
    • Washable silicone for hygiene
    • Recommended usage: approx. 10 minutes per treatment
    • Size: approx. 50 × 50 × 15(mm) (Controller), approx. 600 × 180(mm) (Silicon Mask)
    • Weight: approx. 145g (Controller+Silicon Mask)
    • Country of origin: JAPAN