Better than boiling

With smart wifi connection, the dispenser can track and monitor your drinking water. Instant heating technology provides hot water within seconds. The RO system and UV-LED guarantee clean water by removing up to 99.999%* contaminants.

Philips ADD6911 Smart RO Water Dispenser

HK$3,688.00 Regular Price
HK$3,135.00Sale Price
  • Filter specifications

    • Filter precision: RO:0.0001um
    • Filtration capacity: 2000L
    • Replacement filter cartridge: ADD553
    • RO specifications: 50 Gallon

    Filtration performance

    • Virus removal: up to 99.999%
    • Bacteria removal: up to 99.999%
    • Heavy metal removal: up to 99.9%
    • Pesticide removal: up to 99.9%
    • VOC reduction: Yes
    • Water hardness reduction: Yes
    • Chlorine reduction: up to 99.9%

    General specifications

    • Product dimension: 232 x 250 x 424mm
    • Rated water flow rate: 0.13L/min
    • Water tank capacity: 4L


    • Mains Power: 220V / 50Hz
    • Rated power: 2200W

    Input water conditions

    • Input water pressure: 0-0.6 bar
    • Input water temperature: 5-38°C
    • Input water quality: Municipal tap water