• Castelbel Verbena Eau De Toilette 100ml 

Castelbel Lavender Eau de Toilette is the best way to fragrance your skin with a citrusy, refreshing aroma. Gentler than a conventional perfume, this Eau de Toilette delicately scents the skin without feeling overwhelming or unpleasantly intense.


  • Castelbel Verbena Fragrant Sachet  19cm x 10cm 

The Castelbel Ambiente Verbena fragrant sachet is the most convenient way to fill your wardrobe with an uplifting and citrusy scents! With an in-house developed technology, this Castelbel Ambiente Verbena fragrant sachet is filled with world-renowned Portuguese cork, which allows for a slow release of the perfume and, hence, a long-lasting aroma. With a satin ribbon, it can be hung in your closet, kept inside your drawers and suitcases or even scent your car.


  • Castelbel Verbena  Soap Set  150g x 3 

A set of 3 fragrant Castelbel Ambiente Verbena soaps to gift your loved ones or your home. Each soap is carefully hand stamped and hand wrapped by our artisans in paper ornamented with verbena illustrations. They are made with a 100% vegetable base, scented with a reinvigorating Verbena aroma and possess creamy and fragrant lather. These soaps come in a luxurious box that can be reused to store small objects, such as photos and sewing/art supplies.

CASTELBEL / Verbena Toilette, Fragrant Sachet and Soap Set  150g x 3

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