• Castelbel Verbena Reed Diffuser  250ml 

In addition to being an elegant decorative item, Castelbel Ambiente Verbena Fragrance Diffuser fills the air with a reinvigorating and citrusy fragrance. The perfume is oil-based, scented with essential oils and alcohol-free, which ensures a slow evaporation and a long-lasting fragrance.  Natural coloured reeds included.


  • Castelbel Verbena 100mL Room Fragrance

Appropriate for rapidly scent small spaces (such as kitchens and bathrooms), this Room Fragrance allows you to fill the environment with the fragrance that refreshes the mind and the spirit.


  • Castelbel Verbena  Soap Set  150g x 3 

A set of 3 fragrant Castelbel Ambiente Verbena soaps to gift your loved ones or your home. Each soap is carefully hand stamped and hand wrapped by our artisans in paper ornamented with verbena illustrations. They are made with a 100% vegetable base, scented with a reinvigorating Verbena aroma and possess creamy and fragrant lather. These soaps come in a luxurious box that can be reused to store small objects, such as photos and sewing/art supplies.

CASTELBEL / Verbena Diffuser, Candle and Soap Set 150g x 3

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