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City Super Group is a "Mega Lifestyle Specialty Store" that offers a true "one-stop-shopping" experience for today's busy urban professionals. Our stores have been designed to be a part of our customers' lifestyles by fulfilling their daily needs as well as enhancing the quality of their lives. Everything is available under one roof in our one-of-a-kind stores.

Integral to the city'super concept is sharing our passion for food and living well. Friendly customer service and a great shopping environment support our fine products. This unbeatable combination means that city'super can deliver an entertaining and friendly shopping experience to customers every time. Our one-stop-shopping layout ensures that we meet customers' daily needs, as well as stimulating their 'wants' with our trendy lifestyle offerings.

Our vision and mission is to become a global retailer focused on wholly satisfying the lifestyle demands of our metropolitan customers by providing them with high quality and internationally sourced merchandise.

Our merchandise includes quality food and lifestyle products which meet the needs of our customers, complemented by inspirational and exciting products which stimulate their desires as well. city'super is a creative retailer which carefully tailors each of the outlets to our target customers, thereby creating a unique shopping experience for all our customers.